Mario Baddour

Chief Executive Officer & President

As InteLogix’ Chief Executive Officer and President, Mario leads the organization responsible for delivering differentiated value to clients, along with promoting InteLogix’ culture and vision across the global footprint.

Throughout his career in the industry, Mario has undertaken progressively a variety of key leadership roles across the globe, spanning account management, multi-vertical operations, sales, IT, strategy and innovation. Mario most recently served as Global Chief Operations Officer for a global business process organization, where he led the delivery organization through a multi-phased integration journey and was responsible for large scale deliveries supporting wide-ranging portfolios of Fortune 500 companies, outsourcing across a variety of industries.

Mario draws his daily inspiration from the thousands of team members he is committed to empowering and supporting as they leverage fintech to democratize the financial services industry and design a future-ready digital CX organization.

Mario believes passionately that diversity creates a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts, and is committed to lead the organization on that principle. Mario’s commitment is: to always listen to the client, as their needs and preferences are constantly changing; to engage team members and communities with respect; and lead the business with integrity, passion, and humility.