Brad Batig

Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

As InteLogix’ Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, Brad is responsible for protecting InteLogix and our clients from legal, business, and reputational risks.

Prior to going in-house, Brad enjoyed a career in commercial litigation, helping various clients, including Fortune 500 companies, with commercial litigation, first and third party insurance matters, premise liability matters, securities litigation, and intellectual property disputes. Since joining InteLogix, Brad has taken on a variety of administrative and leadership roles within the company during his decade plus of being with InteLogix.

Working for service providers throughout his career, Brad firmly believes a service provider must always focus on providing exceptional results, building meaningful relationships, and maintaining an unimpeachable reputation – within the industry, with clients, and with all coworkers. Brad’s commitment is to ensure this concept of results, relationships, and reputation informs every legal and compliance matter, decision, and interaction at InteLogix.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys playing guitar, running in races, cooking for his wife and family, and planning his family’s next great adventure.