Our leadership team embodies a culture of empowerment, fostering an environment where employees are the champion of our brand. They inspire, support, and nurture growth, enabling every individual to reach their full potential. Together, we create a dynamic and collaborative workforce, driving our collective success.

Mario Baddour- CEO & President Brad Batig- CCO Dennis Mara- CFO

Mario Baddour- Chief Executive Officer & President

As InteLogix’ Chief Executive Officer and President, Mario leads the organization responsible for delivering differentiated value to clients, along with promoting InteLogix’ culture and vision across the global footprint. Throughout his career in the industry, Mario has undertaken progressively a variety of key leadership roles across the globe, spanning account management, multi-vertical operations, sales, IT, strategy and innovation. Mario most recently served as Global Chief Operations Officer for a global business process organization, where he led the delivery organization through a multi-phased integration journey and was responsible for large scale deliveries supporting wide-ranging portfolios of Fortune 500 companies, outsourcing across a variety of industries. Mario draws his daily inspiration from the thousands of team members he is committed to empowering and supporting as they leverage fintech to democratize the financial services industry and design a future-ready digital CX organization. Mario believes passionately that diversity creates a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts, and is committed to lead the organization on that principle. Mario’s commitment is: to always listen to the client, as their needs and preferences are constantly changing; to engage team members and communities with respect; and lead the business with integrity, passion, and humility.

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Brad Batig- Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

As InteLogix’ Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, Brad is responsible for protecting InteLogix and our clients from legal, business, and reputational risks. Prior to going in-house, Brad enjoyed a career in commercial litigation, helping various clients, including Fortune 500 companies, with commercial litigation, first and third party insurance matters, premise liability matters, securities litigation, and intellectual property disputes. Since joining InteLogix, Brad has taken on a variety of administrative and leadership roles within the company during his decade plus of being with InteLogix. Working for service providers throughout his career, Brad firmly believes a service provider must always focus on providing exceptional results, building meaningful relationships, and maintaining an unimpeachable reputation – within the industry, with clients, and with all coworkers. Brad’s commitment is to ensure this concept of results, relationships, and reputation informs every legal and compliance matter, decision, and interaction at InteLogix. In his spare time, Brad enjoys playing guitar, running in races, cooking for his wife and family, and planning his family’s next great adventure.

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Dennis Mara- Chief Financial Officer

Dennis brings over 30 years of experience in various industries focusing on general management, accounting & finance, mergers & acquisitions, and banking. His accomplishments include integrating numerous operations and accounting platforms, focused on improving profitability and company-wide efficiencies. In recent years, he has worked with Private Equity Investors helping to increase the value of their investments. Dennis lives in the Dallas area with his wife, Donna, and they enjoy spending time with their three adult children and a beautiful granddaughter. Outside of family time, Dennis enjoys playing baseball, biking, rowing, and increasing his knowledge as an avid History buff.

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Marsha Bogart- Chief Information Officer

Marsha brings over 25 years of experience providing innovative and cost-effective technology solutions to her business partners. Marsha has held IT leadership roles with industry-leading BPOs for the past 16 years. As CIO, she led the ground-up build of an end-to-end technology stack for a 15,000-agent BPO start-up, completed in a record 12 months. She has expertise with agile, cloud-based solutions that enable the business to grow quickly. She led the IT side of numerous merger and acquisition transactions. She has built contact center IP solutions with large companies like SalesForce and Cisco. Marsha lives in Colorado with her husband, Keith, and two dogs. In her spare time, she rides horses, does mountain activities, travels when time allows, and dabbles in photography.

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Sandy Ellis- Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Sandy is a global Service Delivery Executive with a talent to discover underlying business needs and strategically design innovative solutions while developing and inspiring leaders through career development, professional writing, and speaking. With her diverse and global sales, marketing, and operational executive-level experience, she builds trusted and valued relationships that improve both the customer and employee journey resulting in value creation for the firms with whom she works. During her 30 years of service industry experience, Sandy has been instrumental in building and scaling products and services from early stages to mergers/acquisitions. In addition, Sandy has helped evolve service strategies across front-to-back office solutions spanning numerous industry verticals. Sandy lives with her husband, John, on their farm in Colorado, where they enjoy frequent visits from their three adult children. She enjoys hiking, fishing, gardening, and hosting gatherings on the farm when not traveling and exploring with family and friends.

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Emily Millar- Senior Vice President of Customer Success

Emily brings over 30 years of experience in technology, BPO, and CX strategy and consultative services with brands including Apple, Adobe Systems, and J.D. Power. She brings her passion for the customer experience to collaborate with our client partners and InteLogix’ delivery organization to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients and their customers. She and her team serve as trusted partners and consultants, helping our customers achieve mutually identified business outcomes while developing business strategies focusing on customer retention, satisfaction, and growth. Emily believes in investing in our customers’ success. By sharing our expertise and aligning with our brands’ goals, we drive innovation, adapt quickly to changing needs and mitigate risk while working to deliver on our customers’ brand promise. Emily and her husband, Chuck, live with their two dogs in Eastern Washington adjacent to the Teanaway Community Forrest. They enjoy the four seasons, love to hike and snowshoe, and share a love for travel, cooking, and spending time with their adult children and grandson.

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Phil Paridy- Service Delivery Head, Financial Shared Services

Phil leads a diverse organization in domestic and offshore locations committed to bringing value to InteLogix’ clients and promoting InteLogix’ culture and vision. Throughout his career with InteLogix, Phil has eagerly accepted a variety of roles, including positions with direct customer contact, managing small teams specializing in process improvement, and leadership of thousands of team members in multiple countries and locations. Phil has partnered with clients in multiple industries, including financial services, automotive, insurance, utilities, consumer retail, telecommunications and tolling, to improve their revenue management processes and customer experience. Phil understands that is important to work within the culture of his team members as he helps to develop and encourage them to fully embrace their role as brand managers for InteLogix’ clients. Phil’s guiding philosophy has been to treat others with kindness and consideration. He is a strong believer in developing and mentoring his team, and giving them opportunities for career and personal growth. By modeling the behavior he expects from his team, he has earned the respect of those who report to him. Phil has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from St. Louis University. Outside of work, Phil enjoys running, biking, swimming and hiking. He also volunteers for Friends Foundation, an organization which raises funds to support developmentally and intellectually challenged adults.

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Danielle Erickson- Service Delivery Head, Customer Experience

Danielle leads the global Customer Experience teams and is committed to bringing value through operational execution, innovation, and strong client partnerships/synergy. Danielle brings over a decade of leadership experience in operations and client relationships, including operations spanning multiple geographies. Throughout her career, Danielle has established a passion for operational excellence, particularly by digitally enabling teams to provide the best possible service to the brands she supports while also improving the employee experience. She instills in her team an entrepreneurial spirit that is both employee and customer-centric. Danielle is passionate about engaging with clients to design and implement BPO solutions that deliver superior outcomes collaboratively. She strives to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our employees and customer base by challenging the status quo and applying innovative continuous improvement techniques. Danielle lives with her family in Virginia. She participates in various outdoor activities, including hiking and ATV riding, and is an avid reader.

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